Packing for a Toddler’s Extended Hospital Stay

Preparing for a pediatric stem cell or bone marrow transplant (or any extended hosptial stay) can be a daunting task, especially if you’ll be far from home and/or won’t have someone to shop for or pick up items once you’re admitted.  Although this list will be different depending on age, interest and activity of the patient … Continue reading

Izzie’s TUBIE TOP: A Tutorial

For the first 9 months of Isabelle’s treatment, she had only a single under-the-skin central line that was accessed for chemo and blood transfusions. However, in preparation for the stem cell transplant as well as future treaments, a double lumen broviac catheter was placed on the left side of her chest. This provided a second … Continue reading

Preparing for the 2nd Transplant

Preparing for the 2nd Transplant

Because she’s rebounded so well, Dr. Soni moved the admitting date for Izzie’s second stem cell transplant up to February 7th.  The only pre-testing she’ll need to repeat is the renal test, which will happen this Friday.  The foot drop continues to improve and her bloodwork indicates good liver functioning. It’s hard to think of putting … Continue reading